Treat Yourself to Something Sweet or Savory

Our baked goods are made with love

The smells of buttery bread and chocolate chip cookies might remind you of your childhood. Maybe your grandma used to bake cookies when you visited or your mom always made cinnamon rolls at Christmas. Relive your favorite childhood memories by visiting Best of Iowa.

You'll find all kinds of treats at our bakery, including...

  • Artisan breads: Cranberry walnut bread | Cinnamon raisin bread | Plain white baguettes | Cheddar loaves | Everything loaves
  • Fresh-baked cookies: Gluten-free chocolate chip and monster cookies | Chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cookies | Oatmeal raisin cookies | Iowa-shaped sour cream sugar cookies
  • Mouth-watering desserts: Cinnamon rolls | Gourmet and seasonal cupcakes

We make our baked goods on-site every day. Stop by early when they're hot and fresh out of the oven.

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